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Project Description

The galaxy was my first attempt at two things.  It was the first piece that I did not intend to keep.  Unlike any large piece before it, my plan from the start was to set this one free. Well, not free exactly, as I am hoping to sell it. Secondly, I wanted to create a piece that was simply a metal sculpture. The organic side of this piece is simply metal, without the typical addition of wood, textures or colors.

Another aspect of this piece that was very different for me is that I didn’t sketch it out beforehand, or work it out in my mind before beginning. For some reason, it was important just to let this one flow, concepting and fabricating on the fly. Every piece was ground, and then hand bent to shape. Every weld was done using an acetylene torch. This is one piece that’s difficult to appreciate in two dimensions.  Be sure to watch the video, which helps illustrate the complexities and interactions of the bands. If you look closely, you’ll notice an overlapping, inner black scaffolding-like structure, meant to symbolize dark energy.  How this aspect dissects the shiny part is interesting but difficult to see from afar.

In addition to the featured gallery above, I encourage you to review the Step-by-Step Project Pics to see the many stages this project entailed.

Project Details

Time to create: 120-150 hours over six months (2012)
Dimensions: Five feet wide at its widest point
Weight: 30 lbs
Price: $2400

Step-By-Step Project Pics
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