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My Design Language
We all have eyes, but that doesn’t mean we all see the same things.  That intrigues me to no end.  What stimulates us and how we interpret the world visually is of course an exercise in perception, yet we often share commonalities in beauty. 

I am fascinated with wood and metal, their visual contrast, their working similarities. I like textures that begged to be touched.  You won’t find perfection in my pieces, as I aim to always project made-by-hand. The next layer of my art typically involves functionality. Although not mandatory, I am intrigued by art in motion, art that has a practical use so I try to incorporate a way for people to “experience” my pieces.  Sometimes a piece must be made from scratch, born from a sketch, and built in my mind for years before fabricating it. Other times, I am motivated to repurpose, refurbish, or simply stylize something that takes a fraction of the time, but is always equally satisfying.  After all, many things have more than one purpose, and I seem to see this with clarity, often holding onto an element for years knowing it can be something else another day.

It’s also important to me, especially on the big pieces, to achieve a one-of-a-kind outcome. I quite literally sweat the details, bleed onto pieces, undo hours of work if I feel that a better idea spawns in the middle of a project. There are no hard rules here; it’s a space I can let my hands and my mind wonder in harmony. The shop is where I can truly slow my mind down to do one thing at a time (hard to do these days!!). Since this form of expression is without the collaboration of band mates, or a creative team, it’s simply the purest form of me and my creative. I am what I make.

I have come to realize that many people respond well to what I am doing. Somehow they can immediately see the complexities, the anguish, the discipline involved. In other words, the human part of my art…that’s what I think resonates.  It’s recognizing this humbling fact that has motivated me to do something I don’t naturally do….share something private. This site in many ways celebrates this epiphany, and equally holds me accountable to continue the journey.  I hope you enjoy your visit, and know that I have many many things to build so please stay tuned….

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