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As far back as I can remember, being creative has always been a part of my DNA, something to figure out and something that fueled me. Until recently I never stopped to ask myself why. The answer is quite simple.  Being creative gives me a sense of balance like nothing else. When I’m in that place, a place where my mind and my hands are one (“the zone” if you will), I am at peace. That peace can only be described as a cleanly struck chord that resonates within me. And like a chord, it doesn’t ring forever.  This is where discipline has its merits.

But, I have always found a way to make creativity a part of my life, through my work, or through my music, and now more than ever, through my hands.  Over many years, I have learned techniques, and gathered the tools to slowly drip out a few dedicated art pieces. I have come to recognize that this from of creativity for me is the rawest form. It’s not filtered by the collaborative effort of a band, or work team (although I love both).  In this expression, my art is me, I am my art. I am what I make.

Another challenging lesson that I have recently learned is that art should be shared.  This website is not only manifestation of that lesson, but also makes me accountable to myself to continue the journey.  Hope you enjoy.

My Art

The purest form of my creative can be found here, a place with no rules or boundaries, only imagination and determination.  Learn More

My Music

From 1996 through 2005, I dove down the creative rabbit hole with an original rock band, Fat Head Otis. An amazing experience, with memories and songs that will live on.  Learn, Watch & Listen

My Day Job

In April of 1998, I founded The Marketing Machine, a creative marketing agency located in downtown Raleigh. Of the many hats I wear at TMM, being creative director has always been a position where my core skill set and passion unite to create “art with a purpose”.  Learn More

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