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Project Description

Treescape was a departure from the typical well-thought-out pieces, and more of a stream of consciousness. Instead of planning and staging, it all started with one nail, a rainy afternoon and the inspiration to make a tree. Using two types of nails, one for the trunk and main branches and another for the outer branches, an organic and familiar tree emerged. Every single piece was welded on one at a time, and then heated and bent to shape. Once complete, it was clear this special tree needed a fitting environment to support its mystique. Treescape comes with a custom-made stand, or it can sit on a table using built-in footers.

In addition to the featured gallery pics above, I encourage you to review the Step-by-Step Project Pics to see the many stages this project entailed.

Project Details

Time to create: 30-40 hours between Feb 2016 – April 2016
Dimensions: approx. 31″ x 14″ (main piece) 15″h x 13″w (tree)
Price: $1850

Step-By-Step Project Pics
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