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Project Description

This door represents so many things to me, the most important being the realization that I’m an artist. It’s not only a door to my home, but serves as a daily reminder that my art gives me tremendous joy. But, most important, it’s a door I welcome you to walk through as an introduction to my art.

The process of concepting, sketching, think building, fabricating and execution took over two years. There were many life delays, technical unknowns and tool shortages that challenged this endeavor since day one. Perseverance and determination combined with a patience to achieve authenticity of concept brought this door to life.

Initially, I was motivated to bring more light into my home, so the sun quickly found it’s way into the final design. In the morning, I find it fascinating to see actual light come through the rays of glass as it emulates itself upon the floor. The lower window, was designed with a secondary function of being a spy window for my shepherd, Yeager since he likes laying behind the door (it worked…he uses it all the time!!). The door handles, not to be left out, were fabricated from scratch and feel great in your hands.

In addition to the featured gallery above, I encourage you to review the Step-by-Step Project Pics to see the many stages this project entailed.

PS – Can’t thank Damian Mescanti enough for taking his personal time to hang this baby. It was a 14-hour event that required an entire new frame. He did an amazing job and I’ll be forever grateful!

Project Details

Time to create: 250-300 hours between Mar 2012 – Jan 2015
Dimensions: 77 3/4 x 35 1/2
Weight: A shit ton (or about 150-200 lbs)
Price: NOT FOR SALE but, something just as unique can be MADE TO ORDER

Step-By-Step Project Pics
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