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Project Description

This is one of those projects where my mind was way ahead of my hands. The top of this table was the table I grew up eating dinner at, before my family became a count of five. The original table legs were discarded but the unmolested top sat in my Jersey home for years in storage. Long before I was making art or furniture I had asked my mom to hold onto it. I now know, that knowing an object can have a second life, is a muscle I have. Years later, when I was well on a path to explore my creative, my parents were considering moving down to NC. They were going through things in the house while considering the move and I remember my mom called to ask “if I wanted that old kitchen table in the basement”. I made arrangements for the table to come to NC.

This project was sketched out initially, but I took some time to do my research and build the confidence to start. When I did start this project, life was a bit complicated. I stalled many times along the way. Finally, the shame and failure I felt through my divorce was the muse I needed to bring this project to close. I was pissed off, and this was a great place to put that anger.

I completely stripped the top to it’s natural wood before adding all the texture and putting to large holes in the middle (they hold wine bottles very well!!). I was so taken by the effect of the added texture, and soothed by the relentless pounding it took to create (yes, each dent was made with a single hit), that I continued this design element on all the legs, on all the sides, even on the inside cross-members. To say this took some time is an understatement.

I also spent hours perfecting the hue of the stain. In direct sunlight, you can see golden flakes, but in the dark it’s rich in deep browns. The finish is very deep with 5 coats of clearcoat. You’ll want to touch it, I promise. I had fun with all the hardware too, some were off the shelf parts, other parts were fabricated. I even grinded down the bolt heads to appear more polished and dated. The overall effect is warm, inviting and timeless.

In addition to the featured gallery above, I encourage you to review the Step-by-Step Project Pics to see the many stages this project entailed.

Project Details

Time to create: 140+ hours. Completed 2009
Dimensions: 34 1/4 (W) x 49 3/4 (L) x 41 1/4 (H)
Price: NOT FOR SALE but, can be MADE TO ORDER
(Just email me if you’d like something similar)

Step-By-Step Project Pics
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